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About Me

Hello, I'm Daniel (AKA MOONHILLCRAG, ThisNameTagPasses, Eye Moisture or whatever other internet persona I've created over the years), an 18 year old dude from Brazil who likes videogames and surfing the internet (watching youtube all day). I plan on moving to Germany to study computer science, but in the mean time I'm just fucking around in my home country before I leave. I am fluent in Portuguese and English and am currently learning German. I have a hobbyist Youtube channel where ocasionally post some videos, and a few of them are me attempting to play silly little video game songs on the keyboard, which also counts as one of my hobbies I guess, but I only touch it every few months. My favorite video game is Portal 2.

Why This Web Site Exists

I'm creating this web site mostly as a learning experience, but also because the novelty of having my own personal website is just cool. I'll be writing down random personal stuff here, but I also intend on making this website interesting for other people as well, also I wanna make it really cool-looking [insert some pretty space-themed shit here]


Under construction!

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