Moon Hill Crag

About Me

Hello, I'm Daniel (AKA MOONHILLCRAG, ThisNameTagPasses, Eye Moisture or whatever other internet persona I've created over the years), an 18 year old dude from Brazil who likes videogames and surfing the internet (watching youtube all day). I plan on moving have moved to Germany to study computer science, but in the mean time I'm just fucking around in my home country before I leave. I am fluent in Portuguese and English and am currently learning German. I have a hobbyist Youtube channel where ocasionally post some videos, and a few of them are me attempting to play silly little video game songs on the keyboard, which also counts as one of my hobbies I guess, but I only touch it every few months. My favorite video game is Portal 2.

Why This Website Exists

I'm creating this website mostly as a learning experience, but also because the novelty of having my own website is just cool. I'll be writing down random personal stuff here, but I also intend on making this website interesting for other people as well, also I wanna make it really cool-looking [insert some pretty space-themed shit here]

General Interests

  • Video games
  • Sci-fi
  • Space
  • The Internet and its history
  • Youtube and video creation
  • Computer Science
  • Music




  • Sorry for the inactivity, I've been a bit busy
  • Fixed some stuff with Save The Kitties!!!! and finally backed the site up on Github
  • Added a small decoration for spooky season

  • -28/08/2023

  • v1.2.2
  • The background music now stops playing when the tab isn't active
  • Know issue: The music starts playing when any window is previewed through the taskbar, not just the browser

  • -21/07/2023

  • v1.2.1
  • Save The Kitties!!!! should now work on mobile, but I wouldn't recommend it, since I made the game with desktop in mind

  • -20/07/2023

  • v1.2
  • I made a game called Save The Kitties!!!! In it, you have to click the falling cats before they touch the ground and explode. Just click the cat in the corner of the site to play it

  • -30/06/2023

  • Blog update
  • Changed some stuff in the About Me section

  • -18/05/2023

  • v1.1
  • Made a custom scroll bar for the Changelog
  • Added a mute (pause) button for the background music (the first feature on the site made in Javascript!)
  • Fixed many misspellings of the word "website" throughout the site (lol)
  • Blog update

  • -09/05/2023

  • Blog update
  • Added new links to the Cool Links page

  • -07/04/2023

  • v1.0
  • Added a page for links to cool websites
  • Added a borzoi button
  • Changelog should now not extend to the right on all screen sizes
  • The website is now in a released state! That means that most of the features I had originally planned when I began making it are now present. I'll still keep updating the site regularly
  • In commemoration of the release of the site, I added a feature to view the older versions of the home page

  • -06/04/2023

  • v0.9
  • Added background music! (Gateway Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy)
  • Added a videos page
  • Added a short list of my interests
  • Fixed up some margins
  • I actually had some of this ready since yesterday, but I decided to pull it back to make the update more substantial

  • -04/04/2023

  • v0.8
  • Added gradients
  • Customized the comment box
  • Added a guestbook!!! (go sign it)
  • Added a blog page
  • I have now started using Visual Studio Code to edit the site, which means no more real time updates

  • -02/04/2023

  • v0.7
  • Added some nicer looking fonts (Frutiger for the titles and changelog and Exo for the paragraphs and everything else)
  • Organized some stuff
  • Created a button for the site, feel free to put it on your own site to link to here!
  • The site should now look ok on most screen sizes

  • -01/04/2023

  • v0.6
  • Added a link back to Neocities
  • Made the site rounder
  • Added a comment box (please send a message if you pass by!)
  • Moved the link list and buttons below the navbar and made that section fixed
  • Added a link to my account (certified gamer)
  • The external links now open in new tabs
  • Warning: Depending on your screen size, the site may look a bit wonky, I'll try making it more uniform in the future

  • -31/03/2023

  • v0.5
  • Added a pretty animated background gif (possibly temporary)
  • Added the real, actual Moon
  • Added some buttons (the thingies below the link list)
  • Added the Music page

  • -30/03/2023

  • v0.4
  • Added a temporary background image (credits to nasa)
  • Added pretty container boxes to everything
  • Added some divs to make everything more neat and organized
  • Holy shit, this is beginning to look like an actual webs ite now!

  • -29/03/2023

  • v0.3
  • Added a (currently useless) navbar
  • Added a scrollbox to the changelog
  • Added pretty stars to the lists (the site's first original asset!!!)
  • Added a quote
  • Touched up some stuff

  • -28/03/2023

  • V0.2
  • Added website icon and title
  • Added colors
  • Changed fonts
  • Added some links
  • Added a cool box
  • Expanded About Me section
  • Added Changelog
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