Moon Hill Crag



I'm in Germany now! And I passed the Studienkolleg test!
Anyway, now I have about two months of doing nothing before my classes actually start, so I'm gonna have some time to work on updates for the site (I'm currently working on creating a comment section from scratch that will work internally in the site), oh and idk I'm also gonna go enjoy summer I guess.
I also got an Oculus Quest 2 and finally started playing Half-life: Alyx, so here is a little screenshot:

Neco-arc, drawn poorly in VR


New update! I finally started learning Javascript, and with all that new knowledge I've acquired, I have created... a button!!! I'm still deciding whether I'm going to implement full music controls in the future, cause that would be a tad bit harder and would probably cause more problems than it's supposed to solve.
Anyway, Tears of the Kingdom just released, and it seems really fun! If only Nintendo didn't make their games have exact conversion rates for their prices in Brazil. Maybe I'll buy it sometime, but I was also saving to get a VR headset, and I just bought a new SSD for my computer, so I think I'll have to hold off till I find it on sale at a retailer or something, because 350R$ is an unacceptable price for a damn video game.
Uhh I never know how to finish these... I have to go to sleep now I guess, buh-bye!


Hey! I don't know if you noticed but I was gone for a while. That's cause I went on a trip to visit family and then my computer was being repaired for 3 weeks. But now I'm back and ready to start working on the website again! I still haven't started to learn Javascript, but when I do I'm probably gonna start updating the site frequently again.
Also, I'm heading off to Germany in about a month, so that's pretty exciting. I'm still kinda scared on how well I'm gonna fare there with my flimsy German, and having to make new friends will be a nightmare, but hopefully I'll meet some cool people.


The website is finally out of beta! There was actually one page I still wanted to add to it before v1.0, but I'll leave it for tomorrow. I also still want to make some more original assets like a logo and some other stuff, but that's minimal. Of course that doesn't mean updates are over, I'll still keep adding more stuff as I come up with more ideas, but most of what I wanted to add since the start is here. Also, a friend of mine asked me to add borzois to the site, so here are some borzois:

Anyway, I'm off to learn Javascript


Wowee, a blog! When I was a kid, I always dreamed of having my own personal Club Penguin blog (like all the ones that existed back in the day) when I didn't even really understand the concept of hosting and making a website. Nowadays I still think the concept of having my own website is pretty cool, but I don't think I'm actually gonna use this Blog section all that much. I tried logging my life in my personal Discord server, but I haven't posted a new log in over six months. Maybe I'll post an update here like once a month when something interesting goes on in my life, but this page is mostly here just because I felt like the site wouldn't be complete without it, and also because I think it will be fun to look back to in a few years. Anyway, here is a picture of me writing this post in my pajamas, and here is a picture of the real, actual Moon I took with my phone through a telescope earlier today yesterday.

me moon

"The gambler is already sure of 6 different outcomes they can have before rolling a dice. They know, however, the moves one can roll for each side of the object is not only one for each, but infinite for all." ~Desmond Bane